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ICRA urge clubs to embrace more variety in club race formats

On behalf of ICRA, Irish Sailing’s new Racing Manager has been reaching out to clubs across the country to get feedback about Cruiser Club Racing.

The issue raised most frequently from clubs is that mid fleet crews often get bored with the same “round the cans” club racing all through the season with everyone knowing the likely result before they even leave the dock.

ICRA wants to encourage clubs to consider exploring more variety in club race formats.

To help inspire Club Racing Organisers, we have prepared 25 Prize Packs.

Each contains T-Shirts, Beanies, Baseball Caps and Bags with ICRA branding. ICRA Merchandise - Change it up!

We want to give them away for free to clubs around Ireland!

At the club level, the Echo “Performance based” handicap system, can offer far more condensed corrected times, giving opportunities for a wider range of boats to collect prizes.

We want Clubs to think of ways to celebrate all the participants of Club Racing and not just the usual regular Race Winners.

In order to secure a prize pack for your club you need to come up with a fun Club Racing Event that uses the ECHO handicapping system and offers a real opportunity for the prizes to be spread more evenly across your competitors. It can be a single race, a one-day regatta or a longer event, maybe not even a race in the traditional sense of the word!

Here are a few different Club Race ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Timed Treasure Hunt, Pursuit Race, Multi Fleet Relay Race, Sprint Races, A Cruising Race, Greenhorn Derby, Slipway Start Triathlon

We want you to tell us about your idea, when you are going to run your event, commit to send us pictures and a report of the event when it takes place.

We will publish the 25 best ideas on the ICRA website and for these 25 clubs we will send you a free Prize pack to giveaway as prizes for your fun event.

This way your club saves the cost of prizes for your event, other clubs get to see your idea in action and hopefully get inspired to create more variety in their own club calendar to stimulate local club activity.

So please help ICRA celebrate all Grassroots Keelboat Sailors and send us your great idea for a fun club level event, and you might just win a free pack of ICRA prizes.

Email your ideas to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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